Sunday, 29 April 2012

New Abilities Suggestion

Bioware has done a good job with classes’ abilities. They've created interesting rotations and playstyles. For me, the addition of cover classes is revolutionary and something closer to modern warfare. The feeling I have thought is that they could do better in some things. Most classes don't have enough utilities or I think they should have a more dynamic playstyles. I have some abilities I would suggest. I know that they cannot changes classes midgame but they could surely change some with an expansion.

For Warriors/Knights both AC:

     Disarm. 90sec CD. Cho mai is used a lot by both Jedi and Sith. It would last for 12sec and it would prevent abilities that require a weapon.
     Force Deflection. 30sec CD, last for 6 secs, the Jedi/Sith uses the Force to defend an attack and reflect it back to the attacker.

For Juggernauts/Guardians:

     Battle Prowess. 120sec CD. For 12sec you deal and receive 20% more damage, you are allowed to use Vicious Throw/Dispatch during the duration and you are immune to slows and throwbacks.

For Marauders/Sentinels:

     Cower in Fear. 60sec CD. Incapacitate your opponent for 60sec/8scs in PvP. Effect breaks if any damage is dealt after 2secs.
     Chasing Throw. 20sec CD. Throws your main hand lighsaber, doing little damage, increase your speed by 30% for 4secs.

 Both classes should have disarm abilities that are popular in SW universe and movies. Plus, the reflect ability is something that is also used by the Jedi in the movies when they deflect back their enemies weapon blasts. Now, a big dps CD is missing in Juggernauts/Knights dps rotation that's why I believe Battle Prowess will come in hand. Finally, a Marauder/Sentinel has enough dps but lack in Crowd Controls. Another stun will help them kite and survive better than what they have now. As Juggernauts/Knights have more mobility I believe Marauders could get a small sprint.

For Inquisitors/Consulars both AC:

     Battle Meditation. 180sec CD. Increases the party's damage and healing done by 15%. For me, Battle Meditation is the most iconic Force ability in the Old Republic era and would make many people happy if it's implanted.
For Sorcerers/Sages:

     Force Mark. 120sec CD. Marks an opponent for 30sec. Every time that the marked opponent receives damage from the Sorcerer/Sage, heals up to 3 allies standing in 15meters for 30% of the damage from the marked opponent takes. If an ally is marked then any heal he receives from Sorcerer/Sage, damage up to 3 enemies standing in 15 meters for 30% of the healing done to the marked ally.
     Force Slow. 40sec CD. Any enemy inflicted by this ability has his next channeled or casting ability used after 6sec to have it's time to activate increased by 100%.
     Dreadmaster. Strikes fear in the enemy, causing him to cower in fear for up to 20 sec.  Damage caused may interrupt the effect.  Only 1 target can be feared at a time.

For Assassins/Shadows:

     Shatterpoint. 240sec CD. Increase your abilities critical chance by 40% for 12sec.
    Precognition. 180sec CD. You are immune to all damage for 8sec. You also do 50% less damage.

Battle meditation is an ability that I was surprised that didn't make it to the game. Especially when there's only one advance class with the ability to increase the performance of a group. For me, Inquisitors/Consulars are the most polished and all-around class and they don't need a big change. Force Mark is a very interesting ability as it’ll give a twist that is needed in a mmo. Force Slow gives a strong weapon against healers and other ranged dps. Assassins/Shadows are in need of a big dps CD. Also, fear fits into sorcs/sages. Shatterpoint is also a very interesting Force Power in the SW universe that could fit in the Assassins/Shadows story, as the seeker of Force knowledge. Same goes for Precognition. A strong defensive CD, mostly for the assassins dpsers than the tank. In general, the SW universe has very interesting Force Powers that could spice up the force users gameplay.

For Imperial Agents/Smugglers both AC:

     Carefull Shot. 90sec CD. Disarms the opponent for 12secs. A really, really good ability that is missing right now.
     Duty Calls. 180sec CD. Whenever you are attacked by an enemy your moving speed is increased by 4% for 12sec. It can stack up to 5 times.

For Operatives/Scoundrels:

     Erradicate. 180sec CD. Attempts to break the damage reduction shields and all invulnerabilities. Needs to be in cover.
    Tactital Superiority. 120sec CD. For the next 6sec all of your abilities don't consume the Tactical Advantage buff.
    Cloaking Area. 180sec CD. Creates a an Invisible Area in 10m around the Operative/Scoundrel for 6sec. Enemies are confused and can't target into or out of the cloaking area.

For Snipers/Gunslingers:

     Emergency Countermeasures. 180sec CD. Decrease the CD of all of your abilities by 50%.
     Sniper's Patience. After remaining stationary for 4sec you get sniper's patience that increases your next Snipe or Ambush critical chance by 3%. Stacks up to 5 times.
     Master Marksman. 120sec CD. For the next 20sec it allows the Sniper to shoot Snipe out of cover and while you are moving. Every Snipe that is shot consumes a Sniper's Patience buff. Any melee attack you receive has a 50% chance to restore a Sniper's Patience buff. This effect cannot occur more than once every 6sec.

IA/Smuggler should have a Disarm ability, a defensive CD needed in game. As class with no sprint, no charge and with little mobility a small moving speed buff is needed. Operatives/Scoundrels got nerf when their burst was reduced. Right now it's a class that has little chance in a head on against most melees and ranged. Eradicate will break the defense of their opponent, forcing them against a wall. Tactical Superiority will help them hit harder against kiting opponents. Snipers/Gunslingers are a class of area denial, where they can protect their spot pretty easily. The problem is when they'll get force to battle in close quarters. Sniper's Patience and Master Marksman will give Snipers/Gunslingers the chance to kite, to maintain their range against melee. Also, a stationary covered Sniper that is an upper level, cannot be charged, cannot get countered from Warriors/Knights. Give Snipers mobility and give Warriors the chance to land on them.

For Bounty Hunters/Trooper both AC:

     Gravity Generator. 30sec CD. Places a gravity generator that pulls all enemies up to 15m to its center. Then it slows them for 50% until they leave the generator’s range.
     Carbonite Shell. 180sec CD. You create a carbonite shell around you that makes you invulnerable to any damage. Lasts for 6sec.
      Repelling Shield. 45sec CD. You use your shield to absorb an attack of an enemy and in the next 6sec you can unleash it back to an opponent.

For Mercenaries/Commandos:

     Matter Transmitter. Place at your feet the exit of a matter transmitter device. After that, every 40sec you can use a second matter transmitter and enter into the hoop that it's created and be transmitted to the exit.
     Warmachine. 21sec CD. 20m range. Fires a barrage of missiles that explode on contact, doing high damage and increasing all damage dealt for 15% for the next 9sec. The missiles can hit the target even if the enemy is not in line of sight.

For Powertechs/Vanguards:

     Armor of Retribution. 60sec CD. The heat of your armor burns every enemy that attacks you in melee range for 30sec.
     Cold Blood. 60 sec CD. Powertech gains his calm and rally his allies removing all Fear and Disorient effects from party and ops member. This ability can be used even when the user is afflicted with such effects.

Bounty Hunters/Troopers are in a very interesting spot in my opinion. Heavy geared, can take a beating... Really, really like them. They still need some more dynamic playstyle. Gravity Generator is a nice crowd control ability that can be follow by Death from Above/Mortar Volley. Carbonite Shell will give a big defensive CD that would mostly help the dps than healers or tanks. Mercs and Commandos are quite good right now. They lack mobility as Arsenal/Gunnery and even though they get some in Pyrotech/Assault Specialist, they lose some dps. Instead of giving more instant abilities I suggest Matter Transmitter. Same goes for Warmachine that would be a nice and unique ability. Totally worth against fleeing enemies that try to hide behind a crate to heal themselves up. Right now, mercs/commandos feel like a stationary turret. Even if it's intended, I believe that it would be fun to give them some kite ability. Powertechs on the other hand are extremely well designed. Great mobility, lots and lots of abilities the only thing I came up with is a dot against melee and a CD to remove fear to give them some more fast paced action.


In general there are many interesting abilities but are not equally scattered. For example Marauders/Sentinels seem to be more interesting than Juggernauts/Guardians dps, especially in PvP. Marauders/Sentinels get a healing debuff, a sort vanish and stealth, a health regeneration and finally a major dps increase, whereas Juggs/Guardians only have an extra charge to their allies, a temporary increase of health and a defensive cooldown. I hope my suggestion would mostly instigate of a more all around abilities, with more mobility and versability. DPS rotations are mostly fine and with the changes in AoE heals I'm mostly happy with the healer experiences so far.

Friday, 27 April 2012

1.3 would launch sooner than what we expected?!

Every Friday is a Community Q&A where SWTOR’s Devs answer to some questions from the community. I was thinking covering the Q&A and give my 2 pennies for each answer but instead, I decided to write about something that was caught in my attention. The signs are showing that 1.3 would launch sooner that we expected!

What are my clues? Here they are:

Lovarboy: Will we get dual spec with Game Update 1.3?

Daniel: Unfortunately, no. Game Update 1.3 is being kept a bit leaner to get the Group Finder and the next stage of Legacy in the game as fast as possible. After that we’ll be returning to some bigger updates and we’re hoping dual spec makes it for the next one.

The above answer along with the sudden pull of rated warzones makes me to believe that they did it, not because the system was broken but because launching server-only rated PvP would just be pointless. Groups would fight the same opponents all the time and there would be no point on the rating system. I believe that they decided to leave it rest for a while and when they will have the cross server queuing perfected, they will launch it. The other side of the coin is the server transfers. Right now, they don't have the technology to pull it out, to copy a character and transfer it to another server. If you remember, during 1.2 PTS, they were copying the level characters manually. So, they want to solve the cross-server problem once and for all.

Another of their big announcements for 1.3 is the group finder. I know that they said it would be server specific but don't say lies to ourselves. When they'll have the technology to do cross-server PvP, cross-server flashpoints would be followed. I don't know what they are going to do with the leveling PvP though. They should either allow a cross-server queue where they'll have brackets or they'll stick with the already existed, bolster system.

So, I won't be surprised if 1.3 is similar to 1.1. They would might add Nightmare Mode for Explosive Conflict and that's it for PvE. Unless they pull some more bosses to the Operation, but I find it very unlikely. I expect the next tier to be launch probably around the end of summer.

That's it for now. I'm thinking about doing a revamp of what we already know about 1.3, so if you are interested, stay tuned!

Juggernaut Vengeance Spec, Abilities Breakdown

After spending my time playing Rage PvP, I decided to try WZ as Vengeance. My spec is 3/31/7, I don’t really know if it’s the best but as I was in a rush to kill some reps I decided to go with this anyway.

My server is quite dead and I had a long queue so I decided to try the PvP dummy. My PvP gear is quite lame, mostly of Champion parts and not customized, with low critical and surge rating. That means that my dps was quite low but when I used my parser to analyze my damage, I got some really interesting results.


As you can see, the order is Force Scream>Impale>Ravage>Shatter from higher to lower. Bad thing with the parsers right now, is that all 3 bleeding dots that are results of Force Scream, Impale and Shatter have the same name but different ability ID. That means that they are measured differently but cannot say which one is which. Looking through the talents I know that all three abilities have a 9sec CD and that Shatter has the strongest dot. So I would say that Bleeding #3 is Shatter, Bleeding #1 is Impale and Bleeding #2 is Force Scream.

That means that the order changes to Shatter>Ravage>Impale>Force Scream.  I already use Shatter and Impale first, to get a standard critical Force Scream and I use Ravage on CD. Ravage is 3 sec casting ability but the 2/3 of its damage is done at the first 1.5sec of its duration with the final blow landed at the end.

I’ll play my Juggernaut more this week, I’ll try new builds and I would try to gear up a little. So expect more details and more abilities breakdowns in near future.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Relic list from Lost Island

Lost Island's third boss, Transgenic Sample Eleven is dropping random relics and because I didn't find them listed as his droplist in any of the major databanks on the Internet, I decided to make some research of my own and here they are. Obviously BW continues with the proc relic something that I find very interesting and dynamic.

(51) Relic of Vital Rupturing
Binds on Pickup
Total Stats:
+61 Endurance
Requires Level 50
On Hit: Damaging attacks have a 30% chance to deal 128 additional internal damage to the target. This effect can only occur once every 4.5 seconds, and shares this limit with similar damage-dealing effects.

(51) Relic of Kinetic Force
Binds on Pickup
Total Stats:
+61 Endurance
Requires Level 50
On Hit: Damaging attacks have a 30% chance to deal 170 additional kinetic damage to the target. This effect can only occur once every 4.5 seconds, and shares this limit with similar damage-dealing effects.

(51) Relic of Vital Mending
Binds on Pickup
Total Stats:
+61 Endurance
Requires Level 50
On Hit: Healing an ally has a 50% chance to restore an additional 307 health over 3 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 20 seconds, and shares this limit with similar healing effects.

(51) Volatile Energy Module
Binds on Pickup
Total Stats:
+61 Endurance
Requires Level 50
On Hit: Damaging attacks have a 30% chance to deal 170 additional energy damage to the target. This effect can only occur once every 4.5 seconds, and shares this limit with similar damage-dealing effects.

(51) Plasma Injection Nanobots
Binds on Pickup
Total Stats:
+61 Endurance
Requires Level 50
On Hit: Damaging attacks have a 30% chance to deal 128 additional elemental damage to the target. This effect can only occur once every 4.5 seconds, and shares this limit with similar damage-dealing effects.

Guide for Gearing up 1.2

This guide will provide the new gear that is introduced with patch 1.2

Lost Island Heroic Mode
LR-5 Sentinel Droid: Columi boots
Project Sav-Rak: Columi Legs
Transgenic Sample Eleven: Relic
Doctor Lorrick: Columi Mainhand, Rakata Chest

Explosive Conflict – Storymode
Toth and Zorn: Rakata Bracer, Rakata Implant, Rakata Chest
Stormcaller and Firebrand: Rakata Belt, Rakata Offhand, Rakata Boot
Colonel Vorgath: Rakata Legs, Rakata Gloves, Rakata Implant
Warload Kephess: Rakata Helmet, Rakata Mainhand, Random Black Hole MK2/MK3 gear  or Campaign Relic

Explosive Conflict – Hardmode
Toth and Zorn: Campaign Legs, Campaign Bracers, Random Black Hole gear or Campaign Relic
Stormcaller and Firebrand: Campaign Belt, Campaign Offhand, Random Black Hole gear or Campaign Relic
Colonel Vorgath: Campaign Chest, Campaign Gloves, Random Black Hole gear or Campaign Relic
Warload Kephess: Campaign Mainhand, Campaign Helm, Random Black Hole gear or Campaign Relic

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Suggestions for SWTOR future, Personalisation of Class Abilities

With the introduction of 1.2 I believe Bioware made a step to the right direction. They seem to listen to their customers and try their best to implant new ideas and tools for them.
As a player myself, I decided to think about the state of the game and I believe that some changes as well as some new addition would make this game a more fun and interesting experience. I'm really really enjoying the game and I'm seeing myself playing it for years from now.

From now on, and time to time, I would post some of my suggestions. I have already mailed them to Bioware but I wanted to share it with the rest of you. Today, I would talk about THE PERSONALISATION OF CLASS ABILITIES.

Right now, you can’t adjust the game spec and skill tree to your own personal test. Most of the time there’s only one BEST spec to play. Most of the abilities are no brainers and for me at least, there was not a single moment of hesitation to which skill to use for my built.

I know that most people want to tune their class to their personal taste. For PvP for example, there are people that play a Jedi Guardian and want more stuns in the game. There are others that prefer more slowing effects, others that want big bursts and finally some would want a more all-around spec. Right now, there’s no way to do that and it’s something that’s missing in my opinion.

So, why don’t implant the Mass Effect’s power system? Every 5 level, give players a power point and let him put it to one of his abilities. Each of his abilities has 3 stages. Enhanced, Empowered, Devastating. Every time he put a point to an ability, that ability gets an improved effect and finally when he has put all 3, he could choose between two evolved abilities.

Let’s take for example, Jedi Knights Force Stasis. If he puts a point to Force Stasis, the Force Stasis will increase the damage done by 10% and has 33% chance to slow the enemy by 50% of his normal speed for 3sec. A second point would increase the damage done by 20% and has 66% chance to slow the enemy by 50% of his normal speed for 3sec. The third point would increase the damage done by 30% and has 100% chance to slow the enemy by 50% of his normal speed for 3sec. Plus, at the Devastating stage, the player would be able to choose between two forms of Force Stasis.

a) Connection with the Force. Force Stasis becomes an instant ability.
b) Force Barrier. While you channel Force Stasis you become immune to all effects and attacks.

Another example could be Force Push. Level 1 to 3 would increase the damage dealt by Push and at Level 3, the players would be able to choose between two different versions.

a) Force Slam. The Force Push is so strong that throws the enemy on the air and then slams them on the ground for 2sec
b) Force Shockwave. All enemies in a front cone are pushed.

A final example could be the Mercenary’s Power Shield. Level 1 to 3 could increase the duration and the shielding percentage. Devastating Power Shield could have those two choices.

a) Omni-Shield. Reduces the heat cost of all your abilities by 50% and increase alacrity by 30%
b) Multi-Shield. When you activate Power Shield all of your healing abilities would place a shield on affected target.

Try to give both final abilities a PvE and PvE usage. Also, each one must be something different and tempting, so good to be needed from the players and would frustrate them to be able only to choose one. That way, no best-builds, no butter cutter would be made and each player would build his spec based on his personal playstyle.

That's for now, I'm looking forward for your suggestions and opinions.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Sith Juggernaut Rage Spec Burst DPS Guide/Tutorial

After spending some time with my family and friends, I'm back in game and I'm pushing myself through the 1.2 content. With the introduction of dummies, I decided to make a video guide about jugg's rage spec burst damage. Through the next days, my old guides would be updated and new ones would be posted. Also expect more and more videos on youtube so, I recommend you to subscribe in my channel:

Hope you'll like the guide and I'm looking forward for your thoughts and comments

Friday, 20 April 2012

Group Finder coming in 1.3!

Two days ago the Game Director of SWTOR James Ohlen requested feedback about the upcoming feature of Group Finder.

What part of a Group Finder feature is most important to you? Is it forming a group for Operations, for Flashpoints, for Heroics, for something else - or do you have no preference?
In a note he added that the feature now is server only. So, they'll be probably be asking about what the community would like added in the future, regarding Group Finder.

I would love it as a feature. I have been leveling many character and when I'll hit the level cap I would not have the time or the patience to find a group myself. A cross-server group finder would do miracles to low population servers (I still believe server transfers/server merges would be a better solution) in additionaly to leveling a new character. Finally, I believe that a Group Finder for operations could be a success if they would only allow Story Mode Operations to use the feature.

What your thoughts guys? I would also add the link to the official site to give feedback.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

1.2 state of PvP

With 1.2 being live for a couple of days now, it's time to talk about the state of PvP. To be clear from the beginning, I won't go through classes' nerfs and buffs as I've done it in a previous post. So, let's start.

One big change is the adjustment to the expertise rating. They have changed the curve of the diminishing returns and now, expertise gives a hell bigger advantage in PvP making PvP gearing up a true upgrade. If we add the healing reduction for all healing classes, you understand that damage dealt means more right now. Melee classes seem to have gotten an overall buff, as they stand better toe-to-toe against ranged dps. Overall, fights are faster and more bursty and for me, Bioware hit in the nail in the head with those changes as their battle system has been accused many times for being clunky and slow.

Sadly, they let a of people down as they didn't solve the low population servers problems. They could either allow cross-server queueing or/and allow server transfers. The second big dissapointment is the withdraw of the rated warzones. Let's hope that they make the correct changes and make rated PvP a smooth and enjoyable feature.

As far as the new warzone, Novare Coast, I'm having a blast and Ι have to admit that it's now, along with Huttball, my favourites. I really really hope, they add some new warzones soon, even if they are different stadiums for Huttball.

To coclude this post, I can't say that I'm dissapointed with 1.2 but I feel that they could do better. Giving free game time is a way to appease the subscribes but if they don't solve the problems, especially the low population servers ones, soon, people are just gonna lose their faith in BW and leave the game.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Bioware Rewards Subscribers with 1.2!

I've just received a new mail from BW that awards their subscribers, old and current. First of all, I'll begin with the e-mail.

You are one of our most active and valued high level players and we know you have been waiting patiently for Game Update 1.2: Legacy. To show our appreciation, check out all the great new features this update has to offer-on us. We will be adding an additional 30 days of game time to your account at no charge*. The free 30 days will appear on your account by April 24, 11:59PM CDT, April 25, 4:59AM GMT.As an added bonus, we will be awarding all active subscribers an in-game Legacy reward, the Legacy Tauntaun Ram Pet**, as our way of saying thanks for your support. The Tauntaun Ram Pet will be delivered to you via in-game mail by April 24, 2012, 11:59PM CDT/ April 25, 2012, 4:59AM GMT.

If you visit the official site you can find the conditiotion for the rewards:
In order to make sure that you receive your in-game Legacy Tauntaun Ram, your account must meet the following criteria by April 12, 2012 ,12:00PM CDT, 5:00PM GMT or April 21, 2012, 12:00PM CDT, 5:00PM GMT: 
You must have purchased the game and redeemed an official Game Product Registration Code at the Code Redemption Center.
You must have signed up for a recurring subscription using a valid payment method OR redeemed a Game Time Code.
Your account must not be banned.

You can still obtain the pet if your account is inactive, as soon as you purchase and activate your account before the 21th of April.

For any active account with a level 50 character, BW provides a month free! The month will be added at the end of the current subscribtion plan.

Finally, I think Bioware just won some points from the mmo community when they also announced that they will give 7 days (from 13th of April to the 19th of April) free game time for their inactive subscribers.

Obviously, with Mist of Pandaria and Guild Wars 2 in the corner waiting to steal the subscribers, Bioware's Devs try their best to win the race before it begins. Will see if that will work

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Corellia dailies and new relics

The 1.2 game update includes a new series of daily missions in Corellia tha would provide a new Daily Commendation that would be used to purchase new gear. Among others you'll be able to buy the new Campaign relics. Bioware finally takes a step forwards to proc and dynamic relics that where for the first time introduced in Karagga's Palace but where not strong enough to be honest, as to replace the on-use ones.

So, here's the list of the new Campaign relics that are obtainable with 200 COMMENDATION EACH:

Campaign Relic of Boundless Ages
Use: 405 power for 20 sec.

Campaign Relic of Dark Radiance
Equip: 30% chance to deal 184 Internal damage. 4.5 sec CD

Campaign Relic of Elemental Transcendance
Equip: 30% chance to deal 184 Elemental damage. 4.5 sec CD

Campaign Relic of Ephemeral Mending
Equip: 50% chance to heal your target for 443 health over 3 sec. 20 sec CD

Campaign Relic of Imperiling Serenity
Use: 405 Defense for 20 sec.

Campaign Relic of Shield Amplification
Equip: Shielding an attack grants 405 Absorb Rating for 6 sec. 20 sec CD

Campaign Relic of the Cerulean Nova
Equip: 30% chance to deal 246 Energy damage. 4.5 sec CD

Campaign Relic of the Kinetic Tempest
Equip: 30% chance to deal 246 Kinetic damage. 4.5 sec CD

Campaign Relic of the Primeval Fatesealer
Use: 405 alacrity for 20 sec.

Campaign Relic of the Shrouded Crusader
Use: 255 Shield and Absorb rating for 20 sec.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Small changes that would rise SWTOR above competition!

SWTOR is doing good since launch. The first couple of days were a blast for BW that show more than 2million copies sold. In the past 3 months, bugs have been corrected, issues have been addressed and the game is polished enough with some exceptions of course.

Some would say that SWTOR is doing fine and everything is great but... even I really enjoy the game, there are some things that should be changed. Guild Wars 2 are coming this year, in a month more or less people would play Diablo 3 and last but not least, Mist of Pandaria is somewhere in the horizon. 1.2 is good, would make the game better overall, but would definitely won't save SWTOR against competitors. There are things that should be done, I'm sure Bioware has some ace hidden in their sleeves but if they don't use them in time, SWTOR will fail. I'm not saying that it won't be good anymore, I'm saying that EA, Lucas Arts and Bioware wanted to make the best and most successful MMO and with 2million subscribers you can't say that they'll reached their goal. If they don't kill the competition soon enough, they won't make it. Now, here some ideas that would make SWTOR better in my opinion.

I've put this post in the official site, please visit, read and comment:

1) Competitive, balanced high level PvP. Don't be afraid to make the game a e-sport. Ranked warzones must be something that would make people want to play the game. A competitive PvP player base would generally help improve the status of the game and would attract more subscribers.

2) Links to stream in . Pay people to stream to educate others. People that play for lots and lots of hours everyday, people that are good with their class would help and educate worse players. See what Swifty, Hydra, Athene for example are doing to WoW. That's free advertisement!

3) Custom PvP and Tournaments once in a while with big prizes. Promote tournament streaming and make events where the best players will compete with each other.

4) More customisation in the UI. Macros are a must, better ops portraits to help healers, Power Auras and finally ADD ONS! You should restrict add-ons from the official site as to control and permit which ones should be used, something like the Apple Store (but free). By giving tools to the players, you can make harder and more challenging PvE content.

5) A LFG tool There's tons and tons of content, many Flashpoints and I see very few people doing any. Seriously, I am not bothered in creating a group from the general channel but LFG is necessary. I don't care if it would be cross-server or not, it would help people jump in a group and spent their time playing the game, instead of searching for a group. Let people vote for MVP or something after last boss and give prizes for good tanks, good healers and good damage dealers. It could be something like credits, commendations, crafting materials or a shorter queue time for the next Flashpoint.

6) Instead of dailies solo quests, create big ass hard quest that need 2 players to complete. Create something like a smaller scale of a Flashpoint that would take several time for players to complete. It could be done to a new planet, in a group-phase area with mobs to kill, puzzles to solve and some bosses that would require some team play to kill. You don't have to create many of those, just a single one that would have a different enemies, puzzles and bosses each day. That way, people won't get bored and would have something to spent their time.

Those are my suggestions, I really want to hear you opinions and thoughts