Monday, 23 January 2012

Power VS Critical Rating!

One of the most common arguments it's the debate between power vs critical rating. I've tried to break down the pros and cons and make a small guide about them.

First of all, Power increase the base damage of all abilities that you use. That also means that critical rating will be calculated to damage that's been increased from the power rating. For pragmatic players as of myself, I much more rather prefer a solid damage increase against the RNG that is the critical rating. Playing Juggernaut Vengeance, I have 3 DoTs that I apply to my target and increasing my power rating will have a HUGE damage increase.

On the other hand crit will make you hit like a truck. For real. Your crits will make Force Scream and Vicious Throw hit for 4-6k damage. It should be noted here that your force abilities get ~5-7% more critical than your normal (white) damage dealing abilities.By speccing to Savagery you get 60% chance to those two skills to be a critical after you use Impale or Shatter. That means that if you get to have a proper rotation this buff will be almost 100% up. That's the reason you should aim for 40% soft cap to make sure that Scream and Vicious Throw will be a critical hit. The cos of critical rating is that by default, it only increase your damage by 50%. You'll need more of the surge rating to increase that percentage, forcing you to go after two rating.

In the endgame you will find an almost balanced combination between Accuracy/Power and Critical/Surge at Operations gear. Plus relics are on use and you can get a temporary rating increase that should be used on cooldown.

Concluding this post I want to say that always choose your gear depending of how much strength you will get. Strength is our main stat and I will always be our No 1 priority. As for the power/crit debate, IMHO I would suggest Power, as our base damage is by our bleeds/DoTs, though making power a more desirable stat. Still, as there are no parsers yet and none can know something for sure, try to balance your stats.

I haven't yet the time to look more to the armor penetration stat that is provided when you achieve more than 100% accuracy. Please, this is not a statement, but I have the feeling that ArPen is a very strong rating but it should be tested before reaching to a conclusion.

See you on Ilum guys!

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