Sunday, 29 January 2012

Loot list from Hard Mode Flashpoints

Hey people!

I've been level 50 for a couple of days now and I've started the slow progress of gearing up for Operations. I've done most of the level 50 FP (I did Kaon Under Siege today) and even though the God of RNG must hate me, I got some loots. Anyway, with the torhead not having lootlists for bosses, I decided to make a small synopsis of the Loot Table of Hard Mode Flashpoints from the Imperial Side.

First of all, there are three set of gear now on.

-Tier 1 named Tionese has set bonuses and are obtain from bosses of hard modes and by acquiring Badges and Crystals from the bosses at hard mode. Energized/Xenotech gear are equivalent to Tionese but without the set bonuses.

-Tier 1.5 named Columni are obtained by tokens. Columni tokens are provided after competing the Heroic Mode daily mission and after killing the last boss of a hard mode flashpoint. Exotech gear are equivalent to Columni but without the set bonuses.

-Tier 2 named Rakata is exclusive to hard mode and nightmare mode operations.


Black Talon

Sergeant Boran/GXR-5 Sabotage Droid: Tionese Belts
Commander Ghulil: Energized Leggings
Bonus: GXR-7 Command Droid: Tionese Ears
Yadira Ban: Columi Bracers

Boarding Party

HXI-54 Juggernaut: Relic
Sakan Do’nair: Energized Boots
Bonus: Chief Engineer Kels: Tionese Implant
Commander Jorland & Goonies: Columi Gloves

The Foundry

Foundry Guardian: Tionese Boots
HK-47: Tionese Offhand
Bonus: Burrower Matriarch: Tionese Belt
Revan: Columi Boots

Directive 7

Interrogator: Tionese Bracers
Bulwark: Energized Chestguard
Bonus: Replicator: Relic
Mentor: Columi  Leggings 

The False Emperor

Jindo Krey: Tionese Gloves
HK-47: Tionese Mainhand Weapon
Bonus: Sith Entity: Tionese Implants
Darth Malgus: Columi Chestguard

Battle of Ilum

Velasu Graege & Drinda-Zel: Tionese Bracers
Krel Thak: Energized Headgear
Bonus: Guid Patriach: Tionese Earpiece
Darth Serevin: Columi Offhand

Kaon Under Siege

Defend vs Zombies encounter: Xenotech Gloves
Rakghoul Behemoth: Tionese Grade Mainhand with Q56 color crystal
Bonus: KR-82 Expulser: Columi Headgear
Commander Lk’Graagth: Columi Headgear

ATTENTION: To access the Bonus Bosses you have to complete all the updates of the bonus chain missions you get inside the Flashpoints.



Thank god, it doesn't mater if you have different tiers of set pieces, you still get the set bonus, so:


  • 2 pieces: Increases the duration of Supercharged Gas and Supercharge Cells by 3 seconds.
  • 4 pieces: Reduces the cooldown of Healing Scan or Advanced Medical Probe by 1.5 seconds and the cooldown of Emergency Scan or Bacta Infusion by 3 seconds.

  • 2 pieces: Increases the critical chance of Power Shot and Tracer Missile or Charged Bolts and Grav Round by 15%
  • 4 pieces: Reduces the cost of Rail Shot by 8 or the cost of High Impact Bolt by 1.

  • 2 pieces: Increases the duration of Oil Slick or Smoke Grenade by 2 seconds and the duration of Energy Shield or Reactive Shield by 3 seconds.
  • 4 pieces: Increases Melee, Range, Tech and Force defense by 2%.

  • 2 pieces: Reduces the cooldown of Explosive Fuel or Battle Focus by 15 seconds.
  • 4 pieces: Increases the damage of Rail Shot and High Impact Bolt by 8%.


Operative DPS:
  • 2 pieces: Increases the critical chance of Backstab or Backblast by 15%.
  • 4 pieces: Increases maximum energy by 5.
Operative HEALER:
  • 2 pieces: Reduces the energy cost of Recuperative Nanotech and Kolto Cloud by 4.
  • 4 pieces: Increases the critical chance of Kolto Infusion and Kolto Pack by 15%.
Sniper DPS:
  • 2 pieces: Activating Target Acquired or Illegal Mods restores 10 energy.
  • 4 pieces: Reduces the energy cost of Takedown and Quickdraw by 7.


Sith Sorcerer DPS:
  • 2 pieces: Reduces cost of Lightning Strike and Force Lightning or Disturbance and Telekinetic Throw by 2.
  • 4 pieces: Affliction or Weaken Mind damage has a 10% chance to increase alacrity by 5% for 15 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds.
Sith Sorcerer HEALER:
  • 2 pieces: Reduces cooldown of Innervate or Healing Trance by 1.5 seconds.
  • 4 pieces: Increases total Force by 50.
Sith Assassin TANK:
  • 2 pieces: Increases shield chance by an additional 5% during Dark Ward or Kinetic Ward.
  • 4 pieces: Increases Elemental, Internal, Kinetic and Energy damage reduction by 2%.

Sith Assassin DPS:
  • 2 pieces: Saber Strike hits restore 1 Force.
  • 4 pieces: Increases the critical chance of Thrash and Voltaic Slash or Double Strike and Clairvoyant Strike by 15%.


Sith Juggernaut TANK:
  • 2 pieces: Increases the duration of Blade Turning by 1 second, and the duration of Invincible or Warding Call by 2 seconds.
  • 4 pieces: Increases the amount of damage absorbed by Sonic Barrier or Blade Barrier by 20%.
Sith Juggernaut DPS:
  • 2 pieces: Lowers the cooldown of Enrage or Combat Focus by 5 seconds.
  • 4 pieces: Reduces the minimum range of Saber Throw by 10 meters.
Sith Marauder DPS:
  • 2 pieces: Reduces the rage cost of Vicious Throw or Dispatch by 1.
  • 4 pieces: Reduces the cooldown of Frenzy or Valorous Call by 15 seconds.

See you around,
May the Force serve you well!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Power VS Critical Rating!

One of the most common arguments it's the debate between power vs critical rating. I've tried to break down the pros and cons and make a small guide about them.

First of all, Power increase the base damage of all abilities that you use. That also means that critical rating will be calculated to damage that's been increased from the power rating. For pragmatic players as of myself, I much more rather prefer a solid damage increase against the RNG that is the critical rating. Playing Juggernaut Vengeance, I have 3 DoTs that I apply to my target and increasing my power rating will have a HUGE damage increase.

On the other hand crit will make you hit like a truck. For real. Your crits will make Force Scream and Vicious Throw hit for 4-6k damage. It should be noted here that your force abilities get ~5-7% more critical than your normal (white) damage dealing abilities.By speccing to Savagery you get 60% chance to those two skills to be a critical after you use Impale or Shatter. That means that if you get to have a proper rotation this buff will be almost 100% up. That's the reason you should aim for 40% soft cap to make sure that Scream and Vicious Throw will be a critical hit. The cos of critical rating is that by default, it only increase your damage by 50%. You'll need more of the surge rating to increase that percentage, forcing you to go after two rating.

In the endgame you will find an almost balanced combination between Accuracy/Power and Critical/Surge at Operations gear. Plus relics are on use and you can get a temporary rating increase that should be used on cooldown.

Concluding this post I want to say that always choose your gear depending of how much strength you will get. Strength is our main stat and I will always be our No 1 priority. As for the power/crit debate, IMHO I would suggest Power, as our base damage is by our bleeds/DoTs, though making power a more desirable stat. Still, as there are no parsers yet and none can know something for sure, try to balance your stats.

I haven't yet the time to look more to the armor penetration stat that is provided when you achieve more than 100% accuracy. Please, this is not a statement, but I have the feeling that ArPen is a very strong rating but it should be tested before reaching to a conclusion.

See you on Ilum guys!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

SWTOR: How to respec at the Imperial Fleet!

Hey guys,
I had made a video to how to reset your skill points at Dromund Kaas. This new video shows how to do it at the Imperial Fleet! It's just to the opposite side of the Guild Registration NPC.


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

PvP: Sith Juggernauts vs Operatives!

During the past days I've noticed threads and posts about operatives being overpowered on pvp situations. As I've pvped a lot and I have encountered myself being overunned and overkilled by operatives dps, I decided to write down some tips to how to counter them.

First of all, operatives are NOT overpowered. I don't claim that the classes are balanced on 1v1 as they are intended to be. For me, pvp in general, is not 100% balanced but it's close to that. If you don't want to be dead all the time, try to use your abilities wisely, stuck up with people because  those 3 warzones we are 
playing are all about focusing on goals and not deathmatches. 

Stealthy bastards!
Now, let's see the abilities of an operative. For now on, I'm referring to operatives speccing on the Lethality tree.

They obviously have stealth. In SWTOR, stealth does not provide you with complete invisibility. To be trully undetectable you have to use Sneak, that lasts for 8secs and it's on a minute long cooldown. When operatives are in battle, they can get in stealth again with Cloaking Screen. Those two abilities provide a 100% stealth rating.

Operatives uses acid by using the Acid Blade ability. As the tooltips says: "Coats your instruments in acid, causing your next Hidden Strike or Backstab to deal an additional 1247 internal damage over 6 seconds and increase armor penetration by 50% for 15 seconds. This ability does not respect the global cooldown and does not break stealth."
That puts a powerful dot on their targets and many of their abilities tend to do extra damage to people that are suffering from the acid effect.

The main game mechanic of operatives, both to healers and dps alike is Tactical Advantage. I'll use again the tooltip: "Defeating an opponent or activating Shiv or Hidden Strike puts you in a position of Tactical Advantage, increasing all damage dealt by 2% and enabling the use of executions for 10 seconds. Up to 2 charges of Tactical Advantage can exist at once.". The tactical advantage not only provides 2-4% damage bonus but also the ability to enact skills that are otherwise unavailable, such as: Kolto Infusion (a 1.5 sec healing ability), Laceration (a beastly attack that does a ton of damage, has a chance to add a dot and when the dot is applied, you get a Tactcal Advantage) and Stim Boost (gives 3 energy every 3 secs for 45 secs). These skills are versatile, and when used properly will allow the operative to handle numerous situations with ease.

On top of that, operatives have two CCs (8secs is enough for pvp) Flash Bang that's an AoE stun (up to 5 players) and Debilitate at 45sec and 60 sec CD.

Now, what good operatives do. They open you with Debilitate, their 4 secs stun and it will give you a full resolve bar. They will re-stealth and will now open you with Hidden Strike that will throw you down for 3 secs. After that, Eviscerate, Backstab, Shiv and you are dead.

How to counter it. They will expect you to break their first CC and YOU MUST NOT DO SO! You should keep your CC breaker for the throwdown ONLY! Due to animation you still need to stand up, that means one more second before you'll be able to use your abilities. When you are back on your feet, use your defensive CDs. All of them and use a medpack. It's a shame that you must waste them on only in a 1v1 encounter but it's the only way to counter them. Even tanks cannot absorb or mitigate their burst so it's a necessity. If you are quick enough, you'll have enough health to fight back. In the case that you have all of your CDs proceed on CC them. Force Choke them, slow them and bring them on their knees by putting pressure on them. What's out for their Evasion ability that will give them 100% dodge to all attacks for 3 secs, so what's out and don't waste 2 GCDs during that. Now, remember, Juggernauts have the ability to withstand a lot of damage where as Operatives have tools to avoid getting hit. In a straight 1 on 1 situation they won't be a match for they heavy armor user so they'll try to run to health themselves. They have Sever Tendon that will slow you for 50% for 12 secs. Don't let them get away. Charge them, interrupt their heals and burst them.

Remember, this is an ideal 1v1 fight and during your game you'll encounter different playstyles and situations, so try to react accordingly. The best way to improve yourself is by practice, so find an operative and duel with him a lot. That way, you'll learn their tricks and abilities and you'll make your own tactics to counter them.

Hope this guide was helpful and I want to conclude it with some thoughts. Operative's burst is a beast but it's also true that they are a glass canon. Same goes for marauders and snipers for example. Juggernauts and assassins on the other hand have more sustained dps but they both have enough armor and defensive cooldowns to balance their gameplay plus a lot of pushs, stuns and CCs. They have the tools to withstand the burst and then fight backs. As the operatives have their long cds and can't burst ever 5secs the same goes to juggernauts, that can't shield wall every half a minute. I play a Juggernaut and I have to say, I CHOOSE MY BATTLES!

If I don't have cds, I don't run towards the mayhem. If I don't have cds and I see both imperial agent's advanced classes I run away. If my saber ward is on cd and I'm opened by an operative I'm dead. But that's once in a while.

Remember that if your opponent outgears you or/and outlevels you, you are dead. In the end, there's a point of no gear=no fun.

Thanks a lot, see you around and remember.

DON'T HATE THE GAMER, HATE THE GAME (epic meal time reference)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Acquiring your Advance Class: Mercenary Saga begins.

As I have written earlier, my first alt would be a Mercenary, Bodyguard specced Bounty Hunter. IRL business have prevent me from getting to level 50 with my Juggernaut and I have to say the rush to do so has passed. Only the motivation of competing the story and getting to end level PvE content kept me pushing it.

Even though I really like my Juggernaut I must say that I want to play a healer in SWTOR. If UI was better and macros and/or add-ons where available I would have rolled a Bounty Hunter first. After a long session of Juggernaut's PvP and questing I felt fed of SWTOR. Still, I hadn't anything else to do and I decided to start a Bounty Hunter and play for a couple of minutes. Surprisingly, I found myself playing the entire Hutta and up to acquiring my Advance Class.

From now on, my priority is to get my Sith Juggernaut to level 50 but, every day I would spent some with my Mercenary PvP and doing Flashpoint so expect sooner or later, more tips and videos of my experience as a Bodyguard Mercenary.

For now, check me acquiring my Advance Class at the video I made:

See you on line at EU PvP Hex Droid

Senoy, the Hired Gun

I want to thank vassdeviant for letting me using his picture. Check his gallery at:

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

PvP: Sith Juggernaut vs Healers

I've PvPed a lot this past days with my Sith Warrior and I've noticed that a lot of level 50 healers are now actually strong. During leveling, it was plain easy to me to kill most healers by outdpsing their heals and even easier after learning my interrupt.

First to analyse, all people that engage PvP get a debuff called Trauma, that reduces the healing the receive by 30% while they are in combat. Here comes the PvP attribute named "expertise" that increase the damage and healing done while in combat against other players and also reduces the damage received by them. At level 50, the amount of expertise (mainly) and the other attributes (secondly) make healers pretty strong. They can outheal the damage they are receive while they're crunching your own health and killing you in the end.

What you can do to confront them? On thing. Play OFFENSIVE! Don't let them breath. Stay on them and dps them, interrupt them and faceroll them. Here some tips to help you.

1. Sith Juggernauts have 4 interrupts. Force Charge, Disruption, Force Push, Force Choke. Use them all.
2. They should be slowed ALL THE TIME. Refresh your Chilling Scream before it expires.
3. Keep your rage high. When their health points are below 60% you'll need to burst them.
4. Don't waste your interrupts on their damage abilities. Only use them on their heals and CC abilities (like Whirlwind).
5. Stack both your DoTs on them. That would push them hard.

So, an ideal battle would be to Saber Throw and Force Charge the healer, Chill Sream and stack your DoTs. Use interrupt for their first healing ability and Force Choke on their second. Burst them and interrupt their third healing ability with Force Push. Again, Saber Throw and Force Charge as soon he tries to cast his next heal. Burst again and use Enrage to keep your rage up. Interrupt would be up again if need it.

See you on Huttball, EU Hex Droid PvP

Sunday, 8 January 2012

HK-51, Secret Companion!

Hello everyone!

During beta, there was full list of companions of all class. I was very intrigued to see that there was a HK, assassin droid as a bonus companions, available both to imperial and republic players alike.
He wasn't on the official companion list and even I'm not 50, I've never seen one having it around. So, I search on the internet and found out that even it's not sure that it's in game or that it is. Some people say that it's gonna be, either as a Legacy gift or after a long mission line. I search again and I found those two mission lines:

Empire Missions:
1) Primary Sources
-Defeat Rogue Agents
-Return to Minder Eight
2) The Maker
-Talk to Tren Vaido
-Loot a Photoreceptor from Old Walker on Tatooine
-Loot a Repulsor Coil from Old Shields on Nar Shaddaa
-Loot a Macrofuser from Old Artillery on Alderaan
-Return to Tren Vaido
-Destroy Upgraded Battle Droids
-Confront Tren Vaido
3) Lethal Decor
-Talk to Koghaa Sentry
-Defeat the Entrance Guards
-Talk to Koghaa the Hutt
4) Ready to Serve
-Loot the Master Identity Chip
-Insert the Programming Spike into the HK droid

Republic Missions:
1) Unlikely Sources
-Rescue SIS Agents
-Return to Agent Iella
2) The Droid Butcher
-Talk to Banikou
-Loot the specialized part from the modded droid on Balmorra
-Loot the specialized part from the modded droid on Tatooine
-Loot the specialized part from the modded droid on Alderaan
-Return to Banikou
3) Breaking and Entering
-Destroy Assault Droids
-Find Doctor Lighton
-Talk to Doctor Lighton
4) New Programming
-Insert the HK programming spike into an HK droid

Then, last night I was in Hoth. While I was doing the planet's main story missions, I went across a interesting fact. During this mission's return, I gave to the imperial officers the core of an android that could think of it's self. I was thrilled! Was this just the beginning of the chain quest to acquire HK-51?

If you learn anything, please tell me!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Smart uses of Force Charge

Force Charge is the most beautiful and acclaimed skill in SWTOR (Death from Above is also very cool). As a Sith Juggernaut, Force Charge makes you mobile, closing the gap between yourself and your target and also generates 3 rage.

In this post, I'll tell you some smart tricks of Force Charge.

1. First use Throw Saber and then Force Charge. That way you generate 6 rage.

2. When you fighting and your rage is low with your abilities to build it up is on CD, Force Push and then Force Charge. Even better, Force Push, Throw Saber and then Force Charge.

3. During Flashpoints and Operations during fights you'll notice that some enemy abilities can knock you back. If your rage is high enough DON'T CHARGE. Instead Intercede on a melee. That way you'll keep your Force Charge available for later use, (not that it have a long cooldown but it may be need soon if let's say adds spawn), you don't over-rage and you also the damage taken by the other player for 20% for 6 sec. Don't do it on tank as you get the aggro from the boss! This is also very helpful on PvP. On Huttball for example, while you escort the ball giver and an Inquisitor or a Bounty Hunter throws you off the ledges, don't Force Charge on them. Intercede on the ball carrier. It can be a life saver.

That's some tips on Force Charge, some smart use of the skill that I use on my gameplay and helps me out a lot. See you soon!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Keybindings as a Sith Juggernaut

As I have said in a previous post, I'll talk about keybings. I'm not against clickers or keyboard turners but my experiences on mmos have taught me that being able to react fast is critical on both pve and pvp situations. And having all my abilities on binds gives me an advantage. In the keyboard picture that follows, I've highlighted with yellow the mandatory keys that needs to be bind. With green I've marked some keys that are used by other gamers but not myself. So, let's start.

I'm using a mouse with two extra buttons, one of each side and I have to tell you that those two extra buttons are lifesavers. If I could afford them I would buy the new Razor ones and if you do can affort them, buy it! Still it's very cheap to buy a mouse like mine. I paid 25$ and I'm very satisfied.
So, I use my binds on the keys  `,1,2,3,4,q,e,r,f,z,x,c  with the addittion of the two buttons one the side of my mouse, middle mouse button and mouse scroll up and scroll down. I also bind `,1,2,3,q,e, middle, left and right mouse button both with alt and shift key pressed. Those are enough keys to bind all of your abilities.

Right now I will tell you what abilities I use on my Sith Juggernaut specced on Vengeance tree.


`  Retaliation. I need a button on my reach to hit it as soon as it procks.

1  Assault. The main rage building ability. Whatever attack you got in the 1 key is triggered when you right click an enemy

2  Sundering Assault. Use it to build 2 rage.

3  Vicious Throw. Our finisher move. Only usable on target's at or below 20% max health. Deadly indeed.

4   Smash. Main AoE ability hits up to 5 enemies, if specced generates 1 rage.

Q  Force Scream. Hitting like a truck and has 10m range.

E Shatter. Our point 31 talent, very strong, comes with an extra dot of 12 secs.

R Ravage. 3 secs channel ability. Interrupted when moving or pressing another attack. Use it when you know that your target will not move for 3 secs.

Disruption. Use it to interrupt your target and lock their interrupted ability for 4 secs.

Z Chilling Scream. Our slow ability.

X Vicious Slash. Use it as filler when you got rage to dumb and all of your main abilities are on cd.

C Impale. Use it just before Force Shout. Strong ability comes with a dot

MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON Unleash. Removes all of your incapacitating and movement-impairing effects.

LEFT MOUSE BUTTON Force Choke. 3 sec channel ability. To stun and generate rage.

RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON Force Push and then use charge.

WHEEL UP Force Charge First Down then Up and you generate 6 rage.

WHEEL DOWN Saber Throw First Down then Up and you generate 6 rage.


ALT+` Intercede. Use it on friendly player to jump to him.

ALT+1 Shien Form. Dps form. This should be on, ALL THE TIME. Switching forms resets your rage to zero!

ALT+2  Soresu Form Tanking form. Use it only when you know that a lot of damage is incoming and you can't be on target to dps. Switching forms resets your rage to zero!

ALT+3 Threatening Scream. Don't use it on PvE! Only in PvP to reduce the damage all enemies around you to every other except you.

ALT+Q Intimidating Roar. 6 secs AoE fear

ALT+E Taunt. Don't use it on PvE! Only in PvP to reduce the targeted enemy damage on every other except you.

ALT+MIDDLE Unnatural Might. BUFF UP!

ALT+LEFT Sweeping Slash. AoE damage in a front cone a la Chuck Norris roundhouse kick. Still, pretty weak.

ALT+RIGHT I use my PvE medpacks here.

SHIFT+1 Saber Ward. Main defensive cooldown. Increase your defense by 50% for 12sec.

SHIFT+2 Endure Pain. Main defensive cooldown. Increase your healthpool by 30% for 10sec.

SHIFT+3 Call on the Force. Secondary defensive cooldown, only usable when there's a companion active.

SHIFT+Q Guard. Only usable when Soresu Form is active. I only use it on pvp. 

SHIFT+E Enrage. Generates 6 rage. Use it after your burst and when you are under 6 rage.

SHIFT+MIDDLE Channel Hatred. Your off battle recovery ability.

SHIFT+LEFT Sprint. Keep it always on.

SHIFT+RIGHT I use my PvP medpacks.

H my quick travel ability.

Also, I use CTR+SPACE to auto-run and SHIFT+SPACE to mount up.

Hope this keybinding was helpful for new and old players alike.
See you online!

Boarding Party Flashpoint Bosses' Walkthrough

Last night I decided to do some party content with my dps Sith Juggernaut. I arrived at Imperial Fleet and took a quest to do Boarding Party. Found a group and did the content. The fights were not difficult in general but I can't say the same about the last boss which was a challenge, mostly for our healer.

So, let's start the break down of the bosses' fight.

FIRST BOSS: HXI-54 JUGGERNAUT, 56636 health points.

The first boss you'll encounter will be an level 32 juggernaut droid. At the corner of the room there are 4 electric generators where as the boss stands in the middle. There are no adds on this fight so focus on boss. Also, there are some abilities you should look out for.

-First, during the fight, the boss will mark the ground beneath some players. Run away and don't stand on them!
-Second, once in a while the boss will connect with two electric generators via lightning. Again, avoid standing on lightning!
-Third, during the fight, the boss will connect with all four electric generators via lightning. Don't stand on lightning!

Finally I couldn't interrupt the casting abilities of the boss. Either intended or a bug, don't really know.

SECOND BOSS: MAJOR ALVENA, 42190 healthpoints.

The boss is a Trooper and it uses the same abilities as the  Republic's class. Accompany her, are two Republic Battledroids with 13645 healthpoints. If you got an Imperial Agent let him Slice Droid to take one of them out of battle. Kill the other one and then focus on boss. You can interrupt her abilities and for your healer's sake do so. After dealing with the boss, finish the stunned droid and the fight is over.

THIRD BOSS: SAKAN DO'NAIR, 22160 health points.

In this fight you'll encounter three Jedi. Two Elite Jedi Healers that must be killed first as they heal the boss and each other (no shit sherlock!) and then focus on boss, Sakan Do'Nair, a Jedi Knight. If you have an Sith Inquisitor, ask him to Whirlwind one of the Jedi Healers to take her out of battle. Interrupt when you can their heals, kill them and finish of the boss.


A lame excuse of a boss. It very similar to the second boss of the Black Talon Flashpoint. Kill the adds that surround him and then nuke boss. Avoid the small fire probes and don't stand on fire! 

FIFTH BOSS: CHIEF ENGINEER KELS, 44320 health points.

This boss has two Modified Assault Unit droids with him. This fight is quite similar with the first boss of this flashpoint. There are four reactor cores on each corner of the room and once in while one of them will emit a pulse of radiation. You'll be warned on screen which one will emit the pulse early enough to run away from it. Again, focus on adds first and try to burn them quickly as they have knock back abilities that might push you close to the pillars. After that, focus on boss and bring him down. Both boss' and droids' abilities are uninterruptable.

FINAL BOSS: COMMANDER JORLAND, 29337 health points.

Get ready for a difficult fight. Be prepared and bring medpacks with you as this is a very healing intensive fight, The boss is guarded by Security Chief Massey that guards the boss and gives him a shield that absorbs damage and by Medical Officer Alon that heals the damage dealt on them. The bad thing is that the boss is using a random target ability that does a ridiculously amount of damage and that's why you want to spread out.
First focus on the healer and bring him down. Interrupt his healing abilities is fairly easy as they are long casts. When he's dead focus on the Security Chief. Then kill boss. It sounds easy but it's the most hard battle I've encounter so far and I advice you to use ALL of your defensive cooldowns early in the fight to be able to use them later on. And don't hesitate to use a medpack.

You can see the fight from the point of view of my Sith Juggernaut on this video:

See you soon and
May the Force serve you well!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Create your Legacy!

Two days ago I finally got my Legacy name on my Sith Juggernaut, just after finishing my class story at Alderaan and then at Hutta. It was a tough fight against a Jedi (NO SPOILERS) and it took me around to 3 hours to complete because I was clueless. So, before attempting to finish Act I, I'll give some tips.

1. Try it after level 32. Your opponents are very strong and you have to out-level them to make this painless.
2. Get medpacks and stims. Buff up and in general try always to max your chances. A 2% of your health boost could mean the difference between victory and defeat.
3. Use your CC abilities. Stun the opponent, knock him back so he'll be on you doing damage less time.
4. Select a healer companion. That will let you focus on dps. If you are a healer or a AC with healing abilities go with a tank companion.

Lastly, a word of advice. Don't do this with a friend. Do this SOLO. You'll probably wipe 10 times, you'll get frustrated, you'll waste your time but it's those small accomplishments that'll make you grasp the feeling of your class, make you a better player and -also very important- bond with your character. Those kind of fights makes this game stand out from the rest of the bunch.

Lord of the Sith, out.

Monday, 2 January 2012

How to respec on SWTOR

I created this video back during the last beta weekend and it's about respecing on imperial side. It's bad that you have to go to Dromund Kass to do that, especially when there's no straight taxi ride from the spaceport. For me, they'll should add this abilities to each class trainer.

Check the video

A new source of SWTOR knowledge

Hey guys!

I'm playing the new mmo-rpg Star Wars the Old Republic for a couple days and I'm pretty amazed about this game. I'm a mmo player for 4 years having played WoW semi-hardcore as a hunter and a restoration shaman mostly. Even though I've never pushed myself to play hardcore to top-guilds I knew my classes very well both pve and pvp.

Having played most of Bioware's game (Mass Effect 1&2, Dragon Age 1&2, Baldur's Gate 1&2 and of course Knight's of the Old Republic) and also being a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise it was natural to hook up when I heard BW was making a Star Wars MMO.

The time has passed since then, I've tested the game on two beta weekends and I pre-ordered it on early October. It was a long time until the early access and I finally got online at 15 of December.

I'm playing a Sith Juggernaut dps spec at middle 30's and I'll be leveling a Mercenary healer soon. So long I've played a lot of pvp, I've done all the flashpoints I got and I think I got the feeling of both classes (I've played merc during beta). In near future, I'll talk about keybindings, abilities rotations and uses and in general I'll analyse both Advanced Classes.

Stay tuned for more!